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Morning, Portalflippers!

It’s been an exciting week for portalmasters across the country as we’ve finally seen the release of several sought after figures and variants. Not content to rest on our laurels, we here at Portalflip continue to keep our ears to the ground to bring you the latest rumors and sightings.

Scarlet Ninjini

No details about her US release are known yet, a listing for Scarlet Ninjini on Amazon.de has popped up. Does this mean she will be an Amazon exclusive in the US? Time will tell.

Polar Whirlwind

At least one auction for Polar Whirlwind, originating from Norway, has appeared on eBay. No details beyond that are known at this point but you can get your first look at this variant.

Wave 4

Series 2 Spyro and Wrecking Ball seem to finally be hitting retailers across the country, notably they were found on Gamestop.com late last night…

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The blue Wii bundle that includes Gnarly Tree Rex has taken yet another price cut at Target stores. Good until the end of March, the Gnarly Tree Rex bundle has dropped from $149.99 to $99.99. Hopefully this will help portalflippers complete their collection without resorting to eBay.


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The wait is over I know earlier that I said there was a rumor going around that Toys R Us had Ninjini exclusively for 30 days, well…. That wasn’t true (so much for inside tips lol) because right now as I am typing this post Game Stop is selling her online only, but wait that isn’t the best part.

Are you ready? They are not only selling



but they are also selling

S2 Spyro

S2 Spyro


S2 Wrecking Ball


YEAH! I just bought mine so make sure to go get yours right now before they sell out! This has sure turned out to be an awesome week for us Skylanders Fans & Addicts! Now we wait for Polar Whirlwind, S2 Drobot, LightCore Hex , Pop Fizz, and Chill! Then it’s Swap Force time! Can’t wait!

**The links to buy them now are located above each picture!**

Good Luck & Happy Hunting!

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