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Scalppers Suck!

Well looks like the scalpers strike again! I got to my local TRU to only be told that I just missed the last of the Ninjini figures. I was told it was pretty hectic I got there right after all of the pandemonium. I couldn’t believe people were saying that they were going home to hop on ebay as they were ringing up and walking out the door.

I think that TRU should give all of us a ticket in our emails to bring for our figures no ticket no figure and the limit one figure per ticket. Or have so many up online to help combat the nonsense that goes on with trying to get these figures. I mean what’s the point of waiting weeks for a figure to only end up empty handed due to greedy people. ARRGRGRHRGHRHRHHH! This just grinds my gears!

On a brighter note I was told that TRU will have the Ninjini figure exclusively for 30 days. So there will be a few moe chances to score for those of us that missed out today. All in all today wasn’t a total bust I picked up a few packs of cards and a Portal Action Spyro so I’m not as mad, but it still was annoying to know there was a bit of BS occurring in Skyland!

As a collector I understand wanting to get more than one, but 4 or more is just out of order. These people are not fans of the game they are fans of money and greed.

It’s Official! Ninjini Will Be Released Today! But Will She Be Alone?



As most of you may already know it is official! Ninjini is being released today! I got the email from TRU like most of you last night. Rumor has it according to Portal Flip that Ninjini may not be the only figure that is being released.

We could be possibly seeing a full wave release today  as well which would be a really great surprise this morning. Make sure you get down to your local Toys R Us early to get your figures today.

Good Luck hunting Portal Masters & Addicts!!!

Confirmed: Jade Flashwing is a Target Exclusive in the US


As we reported last week, Jade Flashwing will be joining Granite Crusher as yet another Target exclusive variant. Conclusive proof comes from the first eBay auction offering Jade Flashwing in its US packaging.

Jade Flashwing eBay Auction

You can see the prominent “Only At Target” sticker at the top of the packaging. Why this person was able to get his or her hands on it early is unknown but what we do know is that it should be out in stores in a few short weeks. So please, don’t feed the scalpers.

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Update On The Ninjini Hot Toy Alert


Update: Showed up around 9:20 at my local TRU and I was first in line. I walked out 42 minutes later with Ninjini in hand. Grats to all the Portalflippers who were able to find Ninjini today!

What a crazy day it’s been. Like most of you, I’ve spent a large chunk of my day trying to figure out what’s actually true in regards to Toys R Us releasing Ninjini tomorrow. While I initially hit a brick wall earlier today, I’ve received better results later in the evening and I’m here to share them with you.

First off, I’ve finally received the email alert which you can all take a look at.

022713F_EM_TRU_HotToyAlert_Skylanders_14Second of all, and most importantly, the Toys R Us stores I contacted this morning are now saying that they have cases in stock.

But here is the tricky part and it took some teeth pulling to get…

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Will Ninjini Be Released 2/27 At Toys R Us?


Greetings, Portalflippers!

By now I’m sure you’ve already heard the rumors about Toys R Us issuing a Hot Toy Alert in regards to Ninjini being released tomorrow. After calling several Toys R Us stores and visiting one in person, I can answer this question with a definitive…


Despite the success some portalmasters have had across the nation in confirming with their local Toys R Us about Ninjini being stock tomorrow, I did not have such luck. I contacted the Toys R Us stores located in Dublin, San Rafael, and Vallejo, CA. All 3 stores said they knew nothing about the alert and did not think that they would have it in stock tomorrow. Two of the stores, Vallejo and San Rafael, stated that not only did they not have any but that their next truck wouldn’t come until Thursday.

So will Ninjini be in stock tomorrow? It doesn’t look…

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Adventure Balloons 50% Off In Skylanders: Lost Islands


For the rest of February and until the end of March, Vicarious Visions is offering a 50% discount on Adventure Airships. Now your Skylanders can get the extra boost they need to level up faster and line your pockets with even more gold.

image (3)

For the low price of 200 gems, down from 400, you can give your Skylanders a first class ride in luxury that offers a 25% boost to gold and hero exp. Owning several of these definitely helped me get to Kingdom Level 30 sooner.

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Who’s Your Favorite Skylander? Poetry Contest Giveaway!

Do you have a way with words? Do you like to creatively express yourself? Then this contest is for you!

We want you to tell us who your favorite Skylander is by writing a poem about them. The poem has to be a minimum of at least 8 lines long. To participate in the contest you must complete the mandatory entry.

Mandatory Entry:

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In order to receive an extra entry you must leave a serperate comment for each “extra entry” to get your credit.

The prize for this contest is an un-used SG series 2 Zap and a special surprise stay tuned to find out what that surprise is!

Contest ends March 31, 2013

Good Luck everyone!

Are you Addicted? How I became a Skylanders Superfan!

I definitely think I am a Skylanders Superfan! As I like to say, “If it’s about Skylanders it’s about me!” I only started my collection this past Christmas.


I had seen the game in store when it was first released at Gamestop. I even was reading reviews about it in Game Informer and IGN, but I still wasn’t sold on getting the game. I thought that it was a game for kids and was going to be too childish or easy for me (Boy was I wrong). What sold me on the game was the figures and my 3 yr old daughter (she was 2 at the time). The first figure I saw in person was Spyro from the original Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure starter pack. I have always loved dragons especially Spyro so I thought it was cool to see him in a new game and with a figure. I loved the color and craftsmanship of the toy. I have a been into collecting action figures since I was a kid and always loved the artistry and talent needed to give the toys life.

Now here is where my daughter came into the picture. We were at Best Buy shopping I was looking at the new games that were coming out and had decided to grab Mortal Kombat the Collector’s Edition with the Sub-Zero & Scorpion books ends and Disney Universe. While I was debating on if I even wanted Disney Uni, I her my daughter squeal like a very excited little piggy, the sound she makes when she really is happy about something, cute and weird all at the same time. So of course I’m curious to know what has made her so happy. So I look up to see her play the Skylanders game with the biggest smile on her face she says to her mother, “Mommy, look I’m playing the game! I like this game!” At that point I knew I had to have it not just for me, but for her as well I wanted to see that same joy and happiness I saw again and again. Well to make a long story short, since then I have collected at least a hundred figures. I have all of the Giants Figures to date including Ninjini which I traveled from Ohio to NYC the day before the the event with my wife and kids.


We drove over night to be there standing in line in the cold waiting to get her and get her we did. I have all of the SSA figures except Lighting Rod, but I am actually waiting on him to come in the mail.

I have a lot of variants too the Flocked Stump Smash, all the mini Side-kicks from SSA, Gold Chop Chop, Crystal Cynder, Blue Bash, Green Gill Grunt, GITD Cynder, Sonic Boom, and Fright Rider, Red Drill Sergeant, Granite Crusher, Dark Spyro, Molten Hot Dog, Royal Double Trouble, Gnarly Tree Rex, and all of the Legendary figures. I got it so bad that I got all of the Mega Bloks construction sets to date, the stretchy Skylanders figures including the Legendary ones, just about every poster, hat and T-shirt you can find, Fleece Blankets, 2 out of the 3 Topps Trading card binders the UK and US versions, The Collector’s Tin, about half of the Topps Skylanders Giants Dog Tags, the blue Wii, a skin for my XBox, Skylanders joysticks for all of my systems, the Mega Puzzles (Still working on getting all of these), all the Toss ‘Em figures, 2 Castle Cases,  and the books. Only thing i need is the Fleece sacks, the stylists, the key chains and the 4 Plush toys with the portals. If they made PJ’s in my size i probably would have then too lol! I am a big kid at heart and I like to have fun.This by all means is fun, heck it a blast!

Since playing and trying to find characters I joined a few groups and decided to start my own as well as a website dedicated to the wonderful world of Skylands. Some of you may be saying, “Wow! He is really a NERD!” In my opinion I’m not a nerd I just enjoy a broad spectrum of things. Some of them just happen to be what some consider geeky or weird. I know it’s really funny coming from a rapper/singer/producer that does some of the other things I do in my spare time, but you only live once as the saying goes so I’m enjoying my vybe (Please don’t kill it).

Am I a superfan? To say the least. Am I addicted? I think that’s an understatement. Now the real question is do I plan on stopping anytime soon? My answer to that is you heard the story of Peter Pan right?


To see more pictures from my collection, the collection of other addicts like myself, and more go to

Also check out my website for contests and news at


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